According to a first Italian epidemiological study on the prevalence of mental disorders , part of the European project European Study on the Epidemiology of Mental Disorders (ESEMeD), which made it possible to 'map' the extent and characteristics of mental disorders present in the general Italian population, it has been estimated that about three and a half million adults have suffered from a mental disorder and that of these, nearly two and a half million have presented with ANXIETY DISORDER .
These disorders are the mental and physical response to frightening and threatening situations such as traumatic events of a personal nature, violence, oppression, bereavement, or of a collective type such as wars and natural disasters or as the current viral pandemic from Coronavirus which involves the whole humanity.

In a moment of global emergency, uncertainty, social instability and rapid changes in everyday routines, STRESS inevitably arises in addition to anxiety and these experiences can cause psychic disturbance of both acute and chronic, that is, months after the event and on an ongoing daily basis. PANIC ATTACKS
may also occur , characterized by the sudden and unexpected onset of a feeling of terror and anguish accompanied by bodily symptoms such as a sense of suffocation, palpitations, a feeling of fainting.
One of the possible complications of panic attacks is the so-called "anticipatory" anxiety (ie the fear of new panic episodes) that people can develop and which leads to social isolation and loss of relationship activity.
In very serious cases, the subject "confines" himself to his home without having a life of relationship outside the home.

It is common in everyday life to experience drops in mood, sadness and "down" moments , but it is important to be able to distinguish if these reactions are physiological and surmountable or if they are signs of depression with symptoms of greater intensity and duration, since if Anxiety states reach intensity and persistence, creating discomfort and emotional suffering, such as muscle tension and contractures, a sense of fatigue, difficulty sleeping, episodes of amnesia, then they become pathological.
They can cause tremor, choking, rapid heartbeat, sweating, unreality, sleep disturbances, memory and concentration difficulties, leading to more serious complications such as depression, alcoholism, social maladjustment, and drug abuse.

Disorders of the cerebral-intestinal axis
If the stressful phase is not kept under control, it can lead to "Burnout", a complex syndrome, with a predominantly psychic component, which is established as a response to a condition of work, emotional and chronic stress. It is often associated with chronic and recurrent gastrointestinal disorders, such as the Irritable Colon Syndrome , which affect the colon and small intestine with repercussions on motility, sensitivity and secretion of the digestive tract

It is important to know how to listen to your body
In human beings, the logical attitude is always deeply accompanied by the psycho-logical one and therefore emotions play a fundamental role by upsetting the most planned choices or based on facts.
It is important that everyone knows their way of reacting to anxiety and stress, only in this way will they be more understandable and therefore less threatening, allowing an adequate reaction.

How to overcome anxiety?

There are varieties of complementary health approaches that could be a valuable aid for occasional anxiety or anxiety disorders, such as some forms of meditation, music therapy, relaxation techniques, the use of herbal medicine and herbal teas based on ingredients that can be effective for
controlling anxiety.
An herbal tea taken in everyday life can be of great benefit to those who feel a sense of agitation and worry grow, find it difficult to sleep, lose calm and concentration by developing a sense of anxiety

"Never give up. Usually it is the last key in the bunch that opens the door"
(Albert Einstein)

Taking care of yourself in a natural, non-aggressive way and in harmony with the rhythms of your body is the best that TRANQUIVITA® liquid herbal tea can offer.