The skin is the mirror of our health. One look is enough and we can understand how we are, or how is the person in front of us!
Experts know how to grasp both the character traits and mood of the moment, and the state of individual organs and tissues, "simply" by observing people's faces. At the same time, the speech is reciprocal: by taking care of the skin we can really do a lot for our health in general.

Attentions from the outside.

The stimuli that reach the skin ... reach deep. It is no coincidence that we perceive the pampering of a loved one, or a well done massage, as so pleasant. Even applying a lotion or cream with care and delicacy is "a pampering for the soul" and stimulates the subcutaneous nerve sensors to perform a better coordinated job.

A more energetic stimulus to the skin is also healthy. For example, showers at alternating hot-cold-hot-cold temperatures, which train the thermoregulation system and make the skin always appear a beautiful pink and fresh complexion, thanks to better blood circulation. Or rub it with a wet towel to remove dead cells from the most superficial skin layer: the skin will appear much fresher and more transparent. And last but not least, pass a dry brush on the skin of the whole body, to see it toned and fresh, well perfused and nourished by the blood circulation thus activated.

Tell me how you eat.

Nutrition is essential for health and a beautiful appearance of the skin. Starting with deep hydration, which is given by a sufficient quantity of liquids taken every day (water and possibly green tea, herbal teas, juices).

Solid foods should be divided and alternated in a balanced way, giving plenty of space to fruit and vegetables, at all hours of the day, integrating from time to time with other foods, ranging from various legumes (lentils, chickpeas, soy, beans, peas etc. .), oil seeds (walnuts, hazelnuts, pine nuts, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, etc.), cereals such as rice, barley, millet, corn and wheat derivatives such as pasta and bread, possibly wholemeal and from organic cultivation.

Meals should be easily digestible, therefore quite "simple"; a complex meal (consisting of an appetizer, first, second and dessert) is certainly more difficult to assimilate.

The skin can express discomfort even in the presence of foods that are not well tolerated, manifesting redness, pimples, blackheads, swelling and the like. Therefore, in the presence of any of these symptoms it is advisable to ascertain the possible adverse reaction to specific foods. These may be rare ingredients but also, indeed above all, substances that we habitually take every day.

There are numerous approaches to investigating allergies and intolerances, and specialists do not agree at all on the methods. Therefore, until the “responsible” (s) has been found, it may be necessary to undergo various types of tests and then scrupulously follow the instructions of the doctors. In reality these are not big sacrifices, and they are almost always many limited in time. So it's definitely worth going down this path.

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