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When we get up in the morning and see the pillow invaded by our hair we understand that we are faced with a rather insidious problem that we call "hair loss or fall".

At this point we begin to ask ourselves a thousand questions about the causes that led to the progressive thinning of our hair; the reasons for baldness can be pathological, genetic, environmental, due to stress, mood and seasonal changes.

For us women, but also for men, it is really difficult to tolerate hair loss, especially when we are young and we think that hair must always "stay in place" and must always be cared for and fascinating.

If the loss is greater than their growth, then this means that the fall is anomalous and due to more serious reasons that must be ascertained; these can be of an emotional, alimentary, environmental nature or even due to deeper and more rooted causes, such as the onset of a pathology.

Does the hair test say so much about us?

The examination of the hair is useful to understand if the skin disorders are acting in a negative and aggressive way with respect to the health of our hair, favoring its fall and progressive thinning. In most cases, small and gradual trichological treatments can be implemented to start taking care of our hair. Surely when we notice the first signs, in the presence of persistent itchy head or scalp pain or even excessive sebum production, it is really advisable to book a trichological visit and do a hair test.

Does hair loss affect men or women more?

Thinning affects men more than women, but certainly they too are very subject to this type of disorder as they take up a lot of stress, daily tension, and usually make extensive use of invasive and aggressive cosmetics such as dyes, shampoos, conditioners or lotions scarcely recommended or low profile. Furthermore, compared to male psychology and sensitivity, the woman suffers more from the lack of hair also because she thinks that this "defect" can seriously question her sex appeal and her femininity.

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