Cleansing and facial care

Cleansing and facial care are essential steps for healthy skin and to fight the signs of aging. Our products represent valuable allies for daily skincare, giving an all-around moment of well-being.

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Facial products for a complete daily skincare routine

Bottega di LungaVita's wide proposal includes exfoliating products and masks, which are essential for removing impurities from the face and ensuring deep nourishment to the epidermis, but also numerous anti-aging products, in the form of classic anti-wrinkle cream and collagen pearls, serums and delicate mousses, which allow you to take care of your face in an easy but, at the same time, extremely effective way. There is also no shortage of products such as toners, brighteners, micellar waters and brightening creams.Our goal is to offer our customers the best there is on the market, so they can devote the right amount of attention to their face according to their needs.

Cleansing and facial care products also include specific treatments, such as beauty mist and other exclusive formulations to defend the skin from free radicals and the action of atmospheric agents. The face also includes the lips, a very important element that contributes to defining the personality of the face and, for this very reason, should definitely not be neglected.

In our online shop, we have created a category dedicated precisely to eyes and lips, with specific products suitable for every need. With the intention of meeting all the needs of our clientele, we have included within our proposal for cleansing and facial care also organic, gluten free and vegan products: respect for the sensitivities of those who choose to rely on Bottega di LungaVita for the purchase of cosmetics is a priority for us and, precisely for this reason, we strive daily to offer our customers not only effective products with an exclusive formulation, but also that can meet all kinds of needs, including ethical ones.