Face Makeup

Facial make-up is part of many people's daily beauty routine: a fresh complexion and the most distinctive facial features expertly enhanced boost self-esteem and also allow you to experiment with new combinations to match your outfit.

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The secret to long-lasting make-up? An even, blemish-free base.

Make-up products should not only beautify the face, but also take care of it. And this is precisely the goal of Bottega di LungaVita, which has included within its facial makeup offerings numerous products for all needs.

Starting with the All Over Eyeshadows, a practical and versatile make-up item that can be used as an eyeshadow, but also as an illuminant, blush or nail polish, concentrating in a single product the possibility of making a complete make-up.

Also the foundation is a fundamental element of daily make up: its function is that to cover the imperfections, but also to do from base for the rest of the makeup and nourish and hydrate the skin, protecting it from the action of the atmospheric agents. Lungavita Hydrofoundation is the foundational opaque opaque of LungaVita performing an emollient action and at the same time covering, allowing the skin to breathe. Moisturizing and non-occlusive, based on calendula extract, jojoba oil and vitamins, this extraordinary foundation provides a real barrier effect against pollution damage and is particularly suitable for delicate skin, to which it gives radiant color and flawless hold throughout the day.

Other facial makeup products include compact powders, ultra-lightweight powders that give the skin transparency and light. But that's not all. Using these innovative ciprie, you can easily take off the bright mottles from the face, but also schiarire the skin render more velvety and fix the make up. The compacts ciprie Bottega long life, also, are ideal as a final touch to the makeup, leaving on the skin a thin film and extremely adherent, which donates to the face a splendid effect porcelain.

The compact powders, as well as all of Bottega di LungaVita's make-up products, are versatile, convenient to use and formulated with the utmost attention to skin care and health.