Our lines include uniquely formulated products that are the result of painstaking research, carried out with one goal in mind: to find a meeting point between nature and science so as to make cosmetics and supplements that can meet any need.

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A complete range of products for face, body and hair care

From anti-aging, indispensable not only for those who have crossed the threshold of "age," but also for those who want to play ahead, fighting the signs of aging already at a young age, to hair care products, which include shampoos, conditioners but also masks and specific treatments. 

There is also no shortage of products dedicated to combating particular conditions, such as cellulite or excess weight, those for make-up and much more.

The offer of Bottega di LungaVita is very wide and diversified, but with one common denominator: the deep knowledge of the Italian phytotherapeutic tradition, made its own and revisited in the light of the most modern and innovative technologies, in order to create, through research and experimentation, products that encapsulate the properties of natural ingredients, the scents of the oldest family histories and that degree of exactitude and certainty that only science can offer. 

Another key feature of all our products is safety: at the formulation stage, every ingredient is thoroughly tested, so that the result is safe and, at the same time, effective.