Lip Makeup

For lips that are not only always flawless, but also healthy and nourished, you need the right products. That's why Bottega di LungaVita has chosen to include within its offer a series of products dedicated to lip makeup, which allow you to define them and play with colors while taking care of them at the same time. 

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Lip products to emphasize the beauty of your smile

Blv Natur Lip is Bottega di Lunga Vita's line of natural lipsticks formulated with 91 percent Ecocert-certified organic ingredients. Available in four different colors-pink, dark pink, peach and red-they coat the lips with a lightweight yet extremely comfortable and emollient film. The result? Soft and intensely colored lips, perfect for both daytime looks and evening outings. The special cardboard packaging also makes these lipsticks a model of sustainability.

Also regarding lipsticks, Bottega di Lunga Vita offers the exclusive Color Changing Lipsticks, whose peculiarity lies precisely in the fact that they change shades depending on the pH of the skin. These unique lipsticks, which take on a coloration ranging from pink to fuchsia, give a volumizing effect and ensure a long lasting effect.

Lip make-up can then not be separated from the use of special pencils to draw the lip contour and define its shape. Available in red, tan and plum shades, they have vitamin E as an active ingredient and their formulation is free of mineral oils and animal proteins.

Bottega di Lunga Vita's offerings then include versatile products that can have different ways of use, such as the innovative All Over Eyeshadows, multi-purpose compact eyeshadows that can be used as, indeed, eyeshadows, but also as illuminant, blush, lipstick and nail polish, thus offering versatility and practicality in a single product. The eye shadows are available in brown, petunia, pearl gray, pearl white and pink shades to match any look, day or evening.