Hair care

The hairstyle, the color, the cut: the ways we keep our hair say a lot about our personality. That's why it's important to take the best care of it, ensuring its health and shine. Bottega di LungaVita offers a wide range of products dedicated to hair, starting with those fundamental to daily hair care, namely shampoo and conditioner.

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Hair products with selected natural ingredients

Depending on the type of hair - oily, dry, with dandruff, dull or lacking vitality - you can find shampoo and conditioner suitable for your needs on our e-shop. Whether your goal is simply to nourish and moisturize your hair with uniquely formulated products or you need specific shampoos and conditioners to counteract a certain issue, Bottega di LungaVita offers you everything you need.

Within our proposal dedicated to hair care we have also included dyes that, in addition to perfectly covering gray hair, nourish, protect and revitalize hair. Never again will you have dry and dehydrated hair: thanks to our coloring treatments, you will be able to flaunt healthy and shiny hair, choosing from a wide range of shades, ranging from black to ultra-light blonde, passing through the range of browns and reds. Alternatively, for those who simply want to give their hair special highlights, you can conveniently purchase top-quality highlights products online.

Bottega di LungaVita also offers specific treatments, such as anti-hair loss treatments, that can effectively combat the problem by restoring strong, thick hair. In addition, those who want to give their hair an extra boost can find dietary supplements on our e-shop to supplement their diet with the micronutrients necessary for the health and well-being of their hair.

As with other cosmetic products, you can also find gluten-free and vegan formulations among those dedicated to hair care.