Draining and purifying supplements

Water retention is a cross-cutting problem, affecting mostly women, of all ages. While the causes can be many, from the wrong lifestyle to poor daily hydration to reasons related to hormone production, the remedies, if possible, should be mostly natural. And this is exactly what we at Bottega di LungaVita also think, so much so that we include in our offer numerous draining supplements for all needs.

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Detox and antioxidant action supplements to eliminate excess fluids

The products in the Super Dren line, for example, are formulated by harnessing the potential of natural ingredients-especially fruits-to combat water retention problems in a simple and natural way.

The ingredients behind the line's draining supplements are all fruits with renowned purifying abilities, starting with pineapple, which has always been recognized as one of the most valuable anti-cellulite allies, and moving on to other fruits often found on our tables, such as blueberry grapefruit, cherry and apple, or exotic ones, as in the case of the Depura Papaya supplement, which, thanks to papaya juice, deflates and promotes digestion and intestinal transit, proving particularly suitable for people who lead sedentary lives and have digestive difficulties.

Another outstanding product in the Super Drain line is the draining supplement Green Coffee, which has at its base the precious extract of green coffee, with extraordinary antioxidant properties and tonic action. The product proves particularly useful in stimulating metabolism, accelerating the fat disposal process. Super Dren Sgonfia is also a valuable ally for combating discomfort resulting from abdominal bloating, thanks to excellent ingredients such as angelica extract, anise fruit and fennel seed.

For those looking for a draining product that also helps keep weight under control, the advice is to try Super Dren Thermo, a valuable adjuvant for maintaining body weight balance and modulating nutrient absorption.