Medical Device for the treatment of throat irritations, with a barrier effect limiting the contact with irritating external agents ad to promote hydration. It contains honey, aloe, pot marigold and propolis.

ACTIVE PRINCIPLE: Propolis, aloe vera, calendula officinalis, Icelandic lichen, eucalyptus essential oil, mint, thyme.

FUNCTIONALITY: Disinfectant and throat protector.


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Vitagola Throat Spray Strong is a Medical device specially formulated to form a barrier effect film that adheres to mucous membranes to limit contact with irritating external agents. It soothes a cough and throat irritations, and promotes hydration of both mucous membranes. Recommended for a dry cough and throat irritations. The balsamic and refreshing taste gives the sore throat an immediate refreshment against redness and burnings.

Water, Alcohol, Vegetable glycerine, Calendula officinale fluid extract, Icelandic moss fluid extract, Pure honey of acacia bees, essential oil of Mint Arvensis, essential oil of Eucaliptus Globulus, essential oil of white thyme, aloe (aloe vera gel) dry extract 200: 1, propolis dry extract, preservatives, sucralose, citric acid

  • Soothing and disinfecting the oral cavity.
  • Protecting the throat from dryness, irritationsand burning.
  • Protecting the mucous membranes from microbial attacks of both a bacterial and viral nature
  • Refreshing the mucous membranes and breath

To bring relief and combat a sore throat, spray 1_2 times, directing the nozzle towards the oropharyngeal cavity, up to three times a day.