Medical Device in tablet with a strong, balsamic flavour. It soothes the cough by forming a protective film that limits the contact with irritant external agents. It contains aloe vera gel, hedge mustard, curry plant (helichrysum) and propolis.

ACTIVE PRINCIPLE: Propolis, Erisimo, helichrysum, aloe vera, sorbitol, xylitol.

FUNCTIONALITY: Disinfectant and throat protector


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Vitagola Throat Tablets is a Medical Device CE, it soothing and calming the cough forming a protective film, whose barrier effect limits contact with irritant external agents. It attenuates reddening of thethroat and promotes hydration of mucous membranes with a pleasant fresh feel. Recommended for dry cough and throat irritations.

Sorbitol, Xylitol, Propolis dry extract tit. 12% in galangin (Propolis), Hedge Mustard flowering plant dry extract (Sisymbrium officinale, maltodextrin), dry extract of Curry plant buds collected before opening (Helichrysum italicum G. Don, maltodextrin), Flavours, Anti_caking agents: Magnesium stearate, Silicon dioxide; Ammonium glycyrrhizinate, Aloe (Aloe vera gel) dry extract 200:1

  • Soothing and disinfecting the oral cavity.
  • Protecting the throat from dryness, irritationsand burning.
  • Protecting the mucous membranes from microbial attacks of both a bacterial and viral nature
  • Refreshing the mucous membranes and breath

To bring relief and calming the sore throat, let 1 tablet dissolve slowly in the mouth, up to four times a day.