Practical stick pack rich in pure extracts of cassia nomane, mate yerba, guaranà, green tea and cola, ideal to slow down fats absorption and get back into our shape. Adjuvant of the strategy for fighting the overweight.

ACTIVE PRINCIPLE: Cassia nomane, green tea, Garcinia fruit, guarana seeds

FUNCTIONALITY: Fight cellulite and fats.


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It burns fats in excess and helps to slow down their absorption. Itsformulated with reduced calorie content, with low glycaemic index, without sucrose, fructose, sorbitol and created specifically to minimize the intake of additional calories into the daily diet. Ideal for countering getting back into shape and combating excess weight, the practical stick pack is rich in Cassia Nomame, Green tea, Mate Yerba, Guaranà, Garcinia and Pink Grapefruit with toning, sliming and regularizing actions.

Water, Polydextrose, Apple juice, Cassia nomame leaves tit. 8% flavan dimers (Cassia mimosoides L. var. Nomame Makino, maltodextrin), Green tea leaves e.s. tit. 60% polyphenols expressed as epigallocatechin 3-0 gallate (Camellia Sinensis (L) Kuntzel), Guaranà seeds e.f. tit. 2% caffeine (Paullinia Cupana H.S.K.), Galega flower e.s. (Galega officinalis L., maltodextrin), pink Grapefruit pericarp e.s. (Citrus grandis Osbeck, maltodextrine), Garcinia fruits e.s. tit. 60% in hydroxycitric ac. (Garcinia cambogia (Gaern Desr), Mate leaves e.s. tit. 8% caffeine (Ilex paraguaiensis A. St. Hill, maltodextrin), cola nuts e.s. tit. 10% caffeine(Kola Acuminata R. BR., maltodextrin), Chromium picolinate xantham gum, citric acid, Potassium sorbate, Sodium benzoate, Aroma, Sweetener

  • Acting on the triglycerides and cholesterol metabolism.
  • Promoting the natural thermogenesis process.
  • Improving the microcirculation function.

We recommend to take 2 stick pack per day, half an hour before the main meals, with natural water.