The fashion for Ampoules , also known as face vials, has broken out.

Cosmetic ampoules are the latest in beauty treatments to repair facial skin, and the latest in non-invasive treatments. 
Their effects are immediately visible, thanks to the hyperconcentrated formulas rich in active ingredients, and they also work in the long term if used daily. 
But what is the secret of this cosmetic that has become the most requested?
Definitely a higher concentration of active ingredients. They are in fact treatments with a high content of active ingredients with an immediate beneficial action .

Bottega di LungaVita in its catalog contains three treatments in vials, each with a specific and functional active ingredient

Hyaluronic Concentrate in Vials of the Vita- Age AURUM
line Intensive rehydrating treatment based on plant stem cells and an exclusive complex of triphasic hyaluronic acid, which retains water, increasing skin turgor, creating a "film" on the skin that guarantees long-lasting hydration term. 
The exclusive ampoules with special applicator allow you to spread the product on the face drop by drop. The skin acquires light and radiance.

Collagen Concentrate vials VitaAgeExcellence, Nutritional treatment in vials based on soluble collagen, stem cells from gardenia jasminoides and resveratrol

Youth concentrates that act on two levels:

- On the surface they smooth, soften, and stretch the epidermis
- In depth they restructure and compact the skin by strengthening the skin scaffolding

Treatment Vials with Colloidal Platinum

With colloidal platinum, silicon, stem cells with gardenia, collagen, soy protein, vegetable ceramides, karite and vitamins A and E

How are ampoules used?

Each pack contains 7 ampoules useful for a weekly treatment. To obtain the maximum benefits it is strongly recommended to integrate them into daily skin care, immediately after cleansing the face. They can be used on the face and neck, to reshape and elasticise the features marked by time

Each single ampoule contains 2.5 ml of product.

The exclusive ampoules with applicator allow you to use the product drop by drop

The skin is nourished with precious regenerating cocktails and thus acquires new light and vitality.

An advice? For an intensive treatment it is recommended to apply the vials in the evening before going to bed, thus favoring a complete regeneration of the skin at night.