With the arrival of autumn, not only the leaves fall but also the hair ...

This is certainly a popular belief, but there is a grain of truth unfortunately

It is certainly true that  summer days  by the sea or by the pool have put a strain on our hair , which could now appear  drier, dull and brittle .

What to do then?

Autumn is the ideal time to put the "head in order".

Taking care of hair in autumn is essential , in fact they are veterans of summer aggressions by UV rays, wind, chlorine, sea, pliers and elastics, they appear drier, more fragile and intractable than ever.

If we add the seasonal loss, we understand why it is essential, in this period, to devote all possible attention to the hair, through a careful and timely beauty routine.

Here are our beauty tips to take better care of your hair this season 

  1. The importance of the right products.  The first step starts already in the shower, choosing the right shampoo for the needs and characteristics of your hair, but which is also delicate, nourishing and natural. Focus on less aggressive formulas, such as those free of parabens and foaming surfactants which, in the long run, weaken and dehydrate the hair. An advice? Once you have wet your hair with warm water,  dilute the shampoo  and apply it on the scalp with  a light pressure of the fingertips , making circular movements. In this way you will avoid irritating the skin with the nails and will perform  an effective and delicate wash.Do not worry about the lengths: these will in fact be cleansed by the foam created on the skin, once everything has been rinsed.
  2. Long live the masks:  Pre-shampoo packs with oils, to be kept on for 30 minutes or all night, are essential and if used consistently they can restore softness and brightness within a few days. Distribute the oil on the lengths  and cover the hair with a cap, the heat generated by the pack will help the cuticles open and let the oil penetrate. An example? Try Sweet Almond Oil , super silky effect
  3. Mon Amour Conditioner : To  restore the lipid balance  of the hair, after shampooing, apply a small knob of  conditioner  over the entire length if necessary , avoiding the scalp (so as not to weigh down the hair). Choose a  conditioner with  nourishing and moisturizing properties , which will not only restructure your hair but also help you  detangle it.
  4.  Attention to styling.  Limit the use of the hair dryer, keeping it at a certain distance from the scalp and at a not too high temperature, so as not to further damage the hair. If possible, avoid straighteners, curling irons, or other heat-styling tools.
  5. Beauty passes from within . To have perfect hair you will have to focus on a diet rich in water (at least 2 liters every day), proteins, mineral salts and antioxidant vitamins, in particular E, the most suitable to counteract the fall.

In this period, it is strongly recommended to take supplements against hair loss.

For example, the  vitamins of the B6, B2, B12 group, but also minerals such as zinc and copper, and phytoextracts that stimulate the activity of the hair bulb, nourish and strengthen the hair, counteracting its seasonal fall or in conditions of particular stress.