Purifying and slimming effect with bioflavonoids of grapefruit (naringenin and esperina) of pink grapefruit. Suitable in reshaping, in case of overweight, fat storage and cellulite problems.

ACTIVE PRINCIPLE:ink grapefruit, apple, milk thistle, curcuma longa, green tea, artichoke, dandelion.

FUNCTIONALITY:useful for weight loss and cellulite problems.


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Dietary supplement based on extracts of milk thistle, longa turmeric, green tea, artichoke, dandelion, birch, Apple and Grapefruit, it promotes the drainage of excess fluids, it assists the detoxification of the body, moreover its useful and active in case of overweight. Curcuma, artichoke, milk thistle, green tea, dandelion and birch show a purifying synergy with the slimming action of Grapefruit bioflavonoids and apple polyphenols. The drink has a pleasant citrus taste.

Water, fructose, glycerol, milk thistle seed integument of F.E. (Sily bum marianum gaert n.), Turmeric rhizome F.E. (Domestic turmeric Valeton (syn Turmeric longa l.)), Orange juice, green tea leaves titrated tit. 50% total polyphenols (Camellia sinensis (L.) Kuntze, Maltodextrin), Artichoke leaves titrated tit. 5% by caffeilchinici calc acids. as chlorogenic acid (Cynara scoly mus l., maltodextrin), dandelion root titrated tit. 2% inulin (taraxacu m officinale weber., Maltodextrin), Birch leaves titrated tit. 0.3% total flavonoids expressed in iperoside (Betula pendula roth., Maltodextrin), black currant juice, flavor, grapefruit pericarp titrated (Citrus maxima (burm.) Merr. (Syn. Citrusdecumana l./citrus grandis Osbeck, maltodextrin), preservatives: sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, apple fruit es tit. 80% total polyphenols and 5% florizina (Malus domestica Borkh. ( Syn. M. sylvestris (l.) Mill.)).

  • Eliminating toxins.
  • Improving the venous microcirculation and keeping the body free from cellular waste.

We recommeded to take 20 ml diluted in 1 1.5 litres of water during the the day.