Sun care

Summer means vacations, but it also means lots of sun, which, while allowing you to sport an enviable tan, also presupposes adequate protection. Bottega di LungaVita offers a wide range of sunscreens for all needs, formulated following careful research and experimentation to find the perfect balance between nature and science.

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SPF protection and sunscreens to keep skin young and healthy 

Our sunscreen products are divided into three main categories: preparatory products, to be applied before going out in the sun, when our skin is not yet accustomed to the sun's rays; purely protective products, for the daily care of skin exposed to the sun; and after-sun products, which help maintain the tan and, at the same time, continue and complete the protective treatment offered by the other products.

Taking care of one's skin when exposing oneself to the sun is indeed very important to ensure its health and to take all the good from the sun while warding off the damage that improper exposure can cause, such as redness, irritation and sunburn. 

In order to ensure only the best for our customers, we have included medical devices in our range of sunscreens, which provide total protection so that you can enjoy the summer season without worries.

Children are particularly sensitive to the action of sunlight and they're known to have very delicate skin. To toddlers, as well as adults, the sun can bring numerous benefits: first of all, exposing oneself to sunlight allows the body to synthesize vitamin D, which is essential for healthy bones and, as far as children are concerned, for proper growth; in addition, especially during spring and summer, toddlers spend a lot of time outdoors, with all the benefits that come with it. Because of the extreme delicacy of their skin, however, children need adequate protection from the sun, and in our e-shop you can find everything you need to provide it.