Since aging causes a decrease in the Vitamin C content both in the epidermis and in the dermis, also due to excessive exposure to UV light or pollutants such as smoke, fine dust and ozone.

The daily intake of this ascorbic acid ester makes the skin tone more radiant, enhances brightness and removes gray, protecting from oxidative stress .

Vitamin C serum is ideal for minimizing signs of fatigue and counteracting the appearance of wrinkles. The skin is more hydrated, fresh and smooth.

Vitamin C is involved in the formation of the skin barrier and collagen metabolism in the dermis.

In the skin it plays a very important role for:

  • counteract oxidative phenomena
  • aging with dehydration and wrinkles (chronoaging). It is essential for the formation of collagen
  • Protection from photoaging immunosuppression (continuous exposure to light)
  • the usefulness and necessity as a signal molecule in the cellular growth and specialization pathway (cofactor of many biochemical reactions)

There are many studies supporting the topical application of Vitamin C on the skin because its properties are well known but the real challenge in using vitamin C in cosmetic preparations is represented by its stabilization in order to obtain a valid final product.

For this reason, the Research and Development laboratories of Bottega di LungaVita wanted to develop a very pure form of Vitamin C in drops : a very promising and stable form of vitamin C

A highly innovative, stabilized and highly bioavailable Vitamin C molecule was therefore researched and used with numerous supporting studies to improve and brighten the skin tone. Thanks to the inhibitory activity of protein tyrosinase, it prevents and mitigates skin spots. Creates a light effect in a very fresh and easily absorbed emulsified serum, with a delicate, fresh and tonic fragrance without allergens. The formula is free of preservatives, petrolatum, animal proteins, allergens, dyes and alcohol.

Studies conducted in vivo on the form of Vitamin C used in the brand new Vitamin C Serum Drops Pure have shown that:

  1. There is an attenuation of the spots caused by oxidized melanin
  2. Tyrosinase, the enzyme that is involved in the synthesis of melanin, is inhibited in a much more efficient way than other compounds used for whitening activity, such as arbutin, kojic acid and vitamin C in non-stabilized form

So what does the new Vita-Age Gocce Pure Vitamin C Serum contain ?

  • VITAMIN C - 2%

Ethyl ascorbic acid (or EAC for short) is an esterified derivative of ascorbic acid. Innovative, stabilized and highly bioavailable form of vitamin C with multiple studies to support it in improving and brightening skin tone and anti-dark spot efficacy


Extract titrated at 50% in natural Vitamin C phytocomplex, with synergistic activity in the action against free radicals generated by oxidative stress


It plays an important role in the prevention of the lipid peroxidation process which can cause profound changes in cell membranes, therefore it acts by protecting the skin from aging and keeping it healthy and elastic.