How to organize beauty care?

There are many steps that can be put into practice, but if not now, when? Body Care can be an opportunity to try rituals and beauty tools that we have always left aside

The assessment of the state of health of the skin

What are dead cells? An organic film that surrounds the new layer of the dermis and does not allow it to breathe and regenerate properly.

The cell renewal process starts from the inside, from the deepest layer of the epidermis towards the most superficial stratum corneum , composed of dead cellular elements, without a nucleus, very flattened, completely keratinized and containing a very low percentage of water: dead cells

Controlled exfoliation

the best way to be sure to make room for the physiological renewal process is to help the exfoliation process

In addition to improving subcutaneous blood circulation, the scrubbing / peeling process stimulates the production of natural collagen in the skin, the best weapon to slow down tissue aging as it keeps the skin plump and plump.

By exfoliating the skin regularly, it is also possible to prevent a large part of dryness and hardening of the surface layer, always leaving it soft and elastic

Clean Beauty

The beauty world is always greener: Bottega di Lungavita products have always offered the  guarantee  of being free from chemical impurities, of being designed with raw materials with a high tolerability and safety profile and botanicals of proven effectiveness.

Vita-Age Fruity pampering comes as a real beauty ritual: delicious enveloping and smoothing fruity gel scrubs to oxygenate the skin together with a body cream treatment to be applied after the scrubs

VITA AGE® LITHCHI BODY SCRUB is a softening and smoothing body scrub, a delicate microdermal exfoliation based on lychee and stone particles that gently frees the epidermis of dead cells, accelerating skin turnover and allowing the skin to oxygenate and breathe.

Litchi, originally from southern China, is known for its exfoliating capacity as it is rich in proteolytic enzymes that eliminate dead cells in synergy with the scrubbing particles of its kernel and apricot.

A raspberry extract containing high levels of polyphenols that help the skin defend itself from free radicals has been added to the delicious fruity, soft and enveloping gel formulation.

It is a toning and energizing extract that adds brightness and freshness to skin exposed to stress and fatigue. The addition of Panthenol also exerts a calming and healing action, helping to keep the skin healthy and elastic

VITA AGE® KIWI BODY SCRUB is a softening and smoothing body scrub, a delicate microdermal exfoliation based on kiwi seeds that gently frees the epidermis of dead cells, accelerating skin turnover and allowing the skin to oxygenate and breathe .

Kiwi is among the fruits with the highest antioxidant potential. It contains over 60% of omega3 fatty acids in the form of alpha-linolenic acid and about 15% of omega6 as linolenic acid, nutrients that help fight the signs of aging. Kiwifruit also contains significant amounts of potassium and magnesium for a powerful revitalizing effect.

The special formulation in the form of a delicious fruity, soft and enveloping exfoliating gel with a purifying and elasticizing action, exploits the synergistic action of the massage with Moringa seed extract and Panthenol able to both purify the outermost epidermal layer and guarantee a high level of supply of nourishment to the skin tissues.

The skin is renewed and dynamized from the first application and therefore more receptive to the active ingredients provided by subsequent treatments such as moisturizing and nourishing body creams and lotions.

The complete body treatment

After each treatment with exfoliating products, it is recommended to nourish the skin with creams based on proven moisturizing components.

In addition to deeply moisturizing the skin, they have the task of softening the hard and hardened stratum corneum, making it malleable and elastic with a certainly anti-aging purpose.

The combination of exfoliating and moisturizing products proves to be an excellent ally of beauty and elasticity. A natural softness to deeply hydrate oxygenated skin

 Vita-Age body cream An emulsion with a light but intense texture, velvety and rapidly absorbed, suitable for all skin types, with strong moisturizing, emollient and protective properties.

It helps to restore the correct hydro-lipid balance of the stratum corneum through a daily restorative and soothing action.

If used constantly, it prevents the occurrence of irritative phenomena, wrapping the skin with a delicate invisible film that ensures long-lasting hydration.

VITA AGE® BODY CREAM is based on a pool of active ingredients to support the increase of aquaporins and key hydration factors, an innovative natural complex of Lentil, Apple and Melon containing polysaccharides, sodium lactate, vitamins and amino acids.

In synergy with Almond Oil which gives emolliency and elasticity and Vitamin E which exerts a protective action on the oxidative phenomena of aging, the skin quickly regains its vitality and becomes more toned, nourished and fresh.


Here is the Body care routine designed for the health and well-being of the body with natural products

  • Step 1- Cleanse the body without stress
  • Step 2- Gently exfoliate
  • Step 3- Deeply moisturize
  • Step 4- Massage the skin of the body properly

Good habits improve the body inside and out!