When we get up in the morning and we see the pillow flooded by our hair, we understand that this can be an insidious problem called“loss or hair fall”.

So we start asking ourselves what is the cause of this problem; the causes of baldness can be pathologic, genetic , environmental, due to stress, humour and seasonal changes.

For women, but also for men, it’s hardly difficult to toleratenhair falling , especially when they are young and they would like their hair to be always fascinating and tidy.

If the falling is superior to the growing, that means that the falling is abnormal and it is due to deeper and more eradicated causes that should be found out; these could be sensitive, alimentary, environmental or in some cases also due to a pathology.

The hair analysis says a lot about us?

The hair analysis is useful to understand if the disorders of the skin are acting in a negative and aggressive way to the hair health favouring the fall and the progressive baldness. In the majority of cases, you can start with little and gradual trichology treatments for your hair care.
Surely, when we notice the first warnings, for example itch, sore and scalp or an excessive sebum production, a tricologic visit or an hair test are highly advised.

Hair fall is a female or male problem?
The thinning hits more the women than the men, because they are more stressed , and they usually used cosmetics, balsams, shampoos and sometimes scarce lotions.A woman besides, suffer the most for the hair loss, also because she thinks that this defect could seriously compromise her sex appeal and femininity.

Many remedies for a unique problem: The new tricologic line KRINOFORT.